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Tips To Be A Straight Arrow This Anti-Corruption Day! | BankBazaar

Do you have a toxic aunty in the family? You know, the one that hints around about finances or keeps asking why you’re not married yet? Yes, you know who we’re talking about! Come to think of it, maybe ‘anti’ is derived from the word ‘aunty’! Who knows? 😀 So, this ‘AUNTY-Corruption Day’, here’s a poem to show you how not to be a shady aunty!

On this Anti-Corruption Day, here is a tale,
Of Credit Cards and scores, with a humorous trail.
And sometimes, even though finance can be shady,
Here’s how you say, ‘Hey finance, act like a lady’!

In the kingdom of plastic, where Credit Cards reside,
Sneaky notions of corruption are pushed aside!
No more stacks of cash in a vault,
Swipe your card to duck financial assault! 

And, in this plastic kingdom where corruption’s a sin,
A Credit Card superhero is ready to begin.
No need for bribes, no shady affairs,
Just tap and go to escape these snares! 

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Now, let’s talk of Credit Scores, a numerical delight,
A measure, if you will, of your financial might!
No need for secrets, no bribes, no hush,
Just a strong Credit Score to make you blush! 

Advantages galore, when your score’s on the rise,
Low-interest rates, like a sweet surprise.
No corruption here, just digits that sing,
Unlocking doors to financial well-being!

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But what if you need a boost, a financial cheer?
An instant Personal Loan is what you should hear.
No need for backdoor deals, no hidden fines,
Just apply online, where the sun always shines. 

Your Credit Score, a key to this treasure,
No corruption here, just financial pleasure.
A loan for dreams, with interest that’s fair,
Taking away worry, giving you financial care.

So, on this Anti-Corruption Day, let’s cheer,
For Credit Cards, Scores, and Loans crystal clear.
No need for shadows, for secrecy, and lies,
Just financial wit, where the wise ones fly! 

Now concluding this financial comedy in which we all play a part,
Let’s choose the path that’s straight right from the start.
And if you don’t know where to go,
It’s BankBazaar, the personal finance platform, so your money can grow

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