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crafting identity and style through personalisation

Customised sneakers have emerged as a fundamental accessory in the contemporary fashion landscape, serving not just as footwear but as a vibrant medium for personal expression. This shift towards bespoke aesthetics reflects a broader cultural movement valuing individuality and self-expression. Through the lens of customisation, sneakers become more than just a part of one’s attire: they transform into a narrative of personal identity and style.



The significance of customisation

The customisation of sneakers is more than a mere trend. It’s a powerful way for people to show who they are and what they stand for. By changing the look and feel of their shoes, individuals can transform a standard pair into a reflection of their unique identity.

The act of personalisation allows for the expression of personal tastes, beliefs, and even life experiences, turning a simple accessory into a statement piece. In a world where fashion often doubles as a form of self-expression, customised sneakers offer a direct route to showcasing individuality.

They serve not just as footwear, but as a narrative of one’s journey, interests, and values. As such, the movement in favour of customising sneakers highlights a broader cultural shift that places a premium on authenticity and personal storytelling through the clothes and accessories we choose to wear.


From studs to rhinestones: customisation techniques for every taste

The techniques of sneaker customisation are as varied as the individuals who employ them, ranging from hand-painting and embroidery to digital printing and the application of eclectic materials like studs and rhinestones. Each method offers a different avenue for expression, catering to a wide array of tastes and preferences.

Moreover, customisation extends beyond aesthetics to embrace ethical and sustainable practices. In an age where environmental consciousness is paramount, many choose to personalise their sneakers with eco-friendly materials and methods, aligning their fashion choices with their values of sustainability and social responsibility.

This approach not only personalises the sneaker but also makes a statement about the wearers’ commitment to making ethical choices in their consumption habits.


Mimanera, hand-made and 100% original customised sneakers

Founded in 2010, Mimanera ( is an Italian brand that creates unique collections of customised sneakers, designed for those who love to live life without patterns and without rules. From the Nike Air Jordan 1 to the Vans Old Skool: the models that are included in the catalogue are numerous and are an expression of the most appreciated fashion brands.

The e-commerce platform offers a wide selection of customised shoes, such as Nike Air Jordan 1, Court Vision, Air Force 1, Adidas Stan Smith, Top Ten, Advantage, Diadora and Vans. Original and chic are also the available bridal trainers, ideal for adding a touch of uniqueness and style to one’s wedding outfit.

Mimanera’s team is composed of creative professionals with a strong gift for signature Made in Italy craftsmanship. Each sneaker is handmade and can be customised by choosing from many different styles: Swarovski, glitter, patches, fabrics, and stitching. Customers can also request the addition of special laces, extra writing, or decorations, to make the shoes even more special.

Mimanera was born with the desire to combine craftsmanship and innovation. The company was founded in 2010 in a small garage in Cattolica (Rimini). The first customisation, carried out on a pair of Converse All Stars, was an incredible success. Today, the brand is also appreciated in other European countries, such as Spain, Germany, France, and Belgium. In addition, in 2021 a flagship store was inaugurated at the Mall of Emirates in Dubai.

In 2022, ten years after the first customisation, a further novelty is launched: the Mimanera Studio project, the brand’s private label. The objectives and principles remain the same as before, but the offerings now extend beyond mere customisation. The sneakers become a fusion of decades of experience in the footwear industry with an unwavering passion for innovation.

Regarding online purchases, they are completed in just a few steps. After selecting preferred footwear, payment can be made using completely secure methods. Shipments, finally, occur within 2-7 days and become free for orders over 300 euros.



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