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Kids Not Sleeping Well? Top Solutions That May Help

It is an issue that many parents have experienced at one time or another. They have gone to climb into bed after putting their children to bed, only to hear their door creak open and their child come into their room.

Children not sleeping well is not abnormal by any means. However, it can disrupt daily functioning, such as school and even weekend activities, as well as deplete their parent’s energy levels. So, if your child is regularly not sleeping properly, there are some things you can do to assess the underlying problem and resolve it.


Kids Not Sleeping Well


Look At Their Clothes

Firstly, you may want to take a look at the clothes that they wear to bed. As odd as it sounds, these may be the underlying culprits of waking in the middle of the night. Many children’s bed clothes are made from a mixture of polyester and cotton, which can make them feel hot and uncomfortable to wear. Therefore, if you are looking to change your child’s nighttime attire, have a look at a website or store like Matalan, which can offer cotton options that will help keep your child cool.


Look At Their Bed

How many parents actually lay down in their children’s beds? If your child isn’t sleeping through the night and is complaining of sore muscles in the morning, it may be worth looking at their bed. It could be that their mattress is lumpy or dented, which can prevent them from getting a restful night’s sleep and may also be causing discomfort. Just try not to bounce up and down on the bed, as you might break it!


No Drinks!

Another common cause of children getting up in the middle of the night or having poor sleep is because they need to pee. So, unless it is an absolutely scorching heat wave, try to make sure that your child does not drink any fluids before bed and make sure that they do not have access to any liquids whilst they are in bed. This will help to keep them rested and will prevent them from needing to make midnight bathroom trips, which could keep them awake for a while afterward. 


No Screentime Before Bed

Most parents will have a tablet or laptop in their home that their children will use during the day. However, the use of gadgets has been linked to a reduction in melatonin in the brain, which is associated with a restful night’s sleep. So, look at your child’s bedtime and then dial back the use of electronics for around two hours before they go to bed. This will help their brain regulate the production of melatonin, which will help them to sleep soundly.


Get Professional Help

Of course, there may be another issue underlying while your child is finding it hard to sleep at night. They may have childhood anxiety, or they may have experienced something traumatic that they’re having a hard time processing. Insomnia is a symptom of both of these, and if this sounds more likely, then you need to seek professional help from your family medicine doctor as well as mental health professionals. Not addressing this can lead to a worsening of mental health issues and a prolonged period of insomnia.




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