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The 5 Best Bathrobes for Men & Women in the UK by Thetowelshop

Many people don’t spend time choosing a bath robe because they think it is not required. Undoubtedly, you may not find bathrobes as important as your regular outfits are. However, you should try choosing the best bathrobes because they can help you be warm and comfortable.

A towel robe will help you have a decent look while moving to the seaside, taking a shower, or getting a cover-up look quickly. While researching for some extraordinary towelling robes, we have found Thetowelshop most suitable platform.

It offers multiple products from this category to help you improve your experience. The best property of this platform is its product’s quality guaranteed. You will find most of its products certified by Oekotex, Sedex, TSA Gold, and ISO 9001:2015. So, let’s read about their products and find which one is suitable for you.


Best Bathrobes for Men & Women


5 Best Bathrobes by Thetowelshop

While exploring Thetowelshop, you will find a long list of towel robes. After comprehensive research, we have filtered the best 5 bath robes that you can choose fearlessly. The reason for their recommendation is their quality fabric, long-lasting, affordable pricing, and ease of usage.

1.    Egyptian Collection 100% Cotton Towelling Dressing Gown

On the top of our list, we have ranked the Egyptian Collection Cotton Towelling. It is a full-body covering gown made with 100% pure cotton. While using this, you will not only feel comfortable but cosy too.

The reason is its extra fluffiness is designed to help you be warm after taking a shower. This towelling robe has extra weight than other robes to let you feel relaxed because of its 470 grams of fluffiness per square meter. 

It is right to say that you will not only feel comfortable and cosy with this bathrobe but stylish too. The reason is its frontal pockets giving it a look of a casual coat. Additionally, you can also wash it quickly because of machine washable properties. Due to all these reasons, we have ranked it in the top position of our list. 

2.    Pure Cotton Terry Towelling Dressing Gown

With extra softness and the ability to get dried faster, Terry Towelling dressing gown is another good bathrobe available in Thetowelshop. This towel robe has been made with pure cotton with the property to have extra absorbance.

Unlike fleece material, it will help you be warm even if you have taken a bath with cold water in a hill station. It is 1400 grams in weight making it suitable for everyone to use it without fear of having extra weight on the shoulder. 

This 100% cotton bathrobe is available in 6 different colors making it suitable for a variety of users. You can choose your preferred colour to have a decent look at the end. 

3.    Turkish Cotton Terry Towelling Bath Robes

Have you ever taken a Turkish traditional bath? If yes, you must have seen that you are asked to wear a Turkish bath robe. For those who are looking to have this experience at their place, the Turkish Terry Towelling bath robe is made for you.

This bathrobe is made with pure terry towelling material to give it an appealing look with extra softness. It can get dry faster and give you a warm feeling quickly after wearing it. With its pure white colour, you will have an outstanding look making the people at the seaside look at you.

It is made extra soft to give you a gentle feeling while wearing it. If we say that it can add a luxury addition to your wardrobe, it will be right. The only thing that makes it suitable for the third position instead of the first is its little higher pricing. You will find it a little more expensive than the above-mentioned 100% organic cotton bath robes. 

4.    Egyptian Luxury Towelling Gown – Shawl Collar

When it comes to choosing a bath robe, every person has their requirements in terms of design and style. Some want to have a hooded towelling robe while others have a shawl collar. If you love to have the latter one, you should try Egyptian Luxury Towelling Gown by Thetowelshop.

This towel robe is verified and approved by the authorized departments. So, you don’t need to worry about its material’s quality as it will be safe for you. You can buy this product as a single item or order it in the form of a pack if you have different users in your space. 

Besides its other properties, its fluffiness makes it suitable for every person, even in cold weather. You can easily get warm by wearing this extra-weight and fluffed bathrobe. 

5.    Terry Towelling Kimono Bathrobe

If you are a regular user of a bath robe, Terry Towelling Kimono Bathrobe is designed for you. This product is kept lightweight with extra softness by using pure terry towelling material. You will not find it as thick or heavy as other luxury gowns.

To make it suitable for use over a long period, 100% pure cotton is used. Moreover, its material’s usage makes it possible for you to dry it just after having a shower. You can also wash it in a machine instead of taking precautions while washing this bathrobe.

So, it is right to say that you don’t need to worry about washing this product because of its long-lasting material. 


Final Verdict

From the above blog, you must have learned about the best bath robes available at Thetowelshop. You can choose any of these products easily and fearlessly because of their quality material, long-lasting properties, and cost-effectiveness.

So, you will not find it hard to improve your bathing experience in your home or have a comfortable look while going for a seaside sunbath. 




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