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8 Popular Work From Home Social Media Jobs

Some people spend hours per day on social media. If you love social media, marketing, or creating content, a work from home social media job may be a perfect fit for you. Over time, social media platforms have grown and created several job opportunities that allow you to work from home, as long as you have a computer, an internet connection, and a little creativity. 

While you can study social media marketing or take classes, you can also learn how to do many remote social media jobs hands-on and practice beforehand during your spare time. If you’d like to monetize your social media skills, here are eight work from home social media jobs to consider and how to get started.

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1. Social Media Strategist

Social media strategists are responsible for developing and executing a specific plan for media presence. They typically run the entire operation, from market research and creating an action plan to establishing methods to set and track brand growth and outreach goals. 

Think of this role as being the brains behind someone’s social media presence and their growth track. A social media strategist is also responsible for designating key performance indicators, or KPIs, for ongoing campaigns to identify which strategies are or aren’t working. 

To become a social media strategist, you may need a bachelor’s degree in communications, marketing, or public relations and experience managing social media pages, content syndication, and appealing to target audiences. Another option is to secure an internship in this field so you can gain experience. Mid-size companies usually hire for this role, and you expect to earn an average salary of $62,339 annually

2. Social Media Manager

One of the most popular social media jobs is the social media manager. In this role, you are responsible for a variety of tasks, such as curating and posting content across platforms and implementing social media strategies. Unlike a social media strategist, you may find yourself doing more daily content production tasks instead of taking on a coordinator role, developing campaign ideas, and assessing results.

Still, social media managers should be well-versed in the social platforms they work with. You will also oversee engagement and follower growth. For this role, it’s essential to stay on top of current social media trends, best practices, and tools such as Hootsuite, Buffer, Sprout Social, Canva, and more. 

Mid-level full-time social media managers can make anywhere from $20 to $150 per hour, but this can also be a great part-time opportunity. Sites like FlexJobs, BELAY, VaVa Virtual Assistants, Brafton, and MediaBistro are excellent places to find companies hiring for this role. If you decide to freelance or start a business, you can earn a steady part-time income with just a few clients. 

3. Virtual Assistant / Content Creator

A virtual assistant or content creator typically works under the direction of a social media manager. If you want to help create or schedule posts, edit reels for Instagram or monitor direct messages, this is a great way to get your feet wet and not have to bear the primary responsibility of running the entire operation. 

As a virtual assistant or social media content creator, your day might include managing a content calendar, scheduling posts, engaging with the audience, or conducting market research. You may also need to write social media captions that resonate with the audience or search for eye-catching graphics. 

It’s easy to work from home with this role, and you can expect to earn anywhere from $12 to $34 per hour on average if you establish your own clients. If you’re not sure where to start, check out sites like ZipRecruiter, Upwork, or Fiverr

Here are some additional companies to consider for general virtual assistant jobs that may involve social media assistant work:

4. Social Media Evaluator

If you’re searching for entry-level social media jobs, look into social media rating and evaluation. The role of a social media evaluator is ideal for those who love to spend time on social media and have a keen eye for what makes content compelling. The job involves assessing the quality and relevance of information on social media and helping improve the algorithms that determine what users see. 

Different companies hire social media evaluators for their critical thinking skills and strong understanding of cultural and media trends. Sometimes, TELUS International and Appen hire social media evaluators to work part-time and independently while providing honest and detailed feedback to brands about their social media accounts. You can pick which days you work so long as you work 20 hours per week and successfully pass a quiz to demonstrate your skill set.

5. Pinterest Account Manager

As a Pinterest account manager or Pinterest virtual assistant, you’d be responsible for increasing a brand’s presence on the platform. This involves creating pins, managing boards, and strategizing to drive traffic to a website, blog, or product page.

Pinterest account managers can work a flexible schedule and batch work by scheduling pins ahead of time. So you may be able to do the weekly or monthly workload for a client in just 1-4 hours. Pinterest assistants can charge by the hour or charge a retainer fee for a set number of hours per month.

If you’re just getting started, the best way to find work is to pitch bloggers and small businesses, especially those who have a Pinterest page but aren’t doing much with it. Practice updating and growing the Pinterest page and recording your results so you can use your success to book more clients at higher-paying rates. 

6. Group Moderator

Online communities are commonplace on platforms like Facebook, Twitter (X), LinkedIn, and other social media platforms. These groups and forums require diligent moderation to maintain healthy, productive environments. Group moderators monitor content and sometimes engage with the community, organize events, or manage disputes.

Keep in mind that some group moderators are volunteers, so if you’re looking for paid work, you’ll want to make that clear upfront. Reach out to companies, influencers, or brands with an established audience and growing online group. You may find that the social media manager has their hands full and is too busy to moderate and enforce chats, comments, and engagement rules for very large groups. A couple of places to find these types of social media jobs are with ModSquad and LiveWorld.

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7. Influencer

Contrary to popular belief, social media influencing is an actual job that requires lots of hard work, planning, and persistence. Social media influencers get paid for creating posts, stories, and videos to promote certain products and services. Building a loyal following of social media fans takes time, but people are accomplishing it every day.

If you’re an aspiring influencer, you’ll need to choose a niche and a platform to start creating an established online brand. Some influencers have several social media accounts, including an Instagram, Threads, and TikTok page, but it’s usually best to start with just one platform. 

Even if your audience is small, you may want to sign up for a few influencer networks to help you connect with brands that are looking to work with people. Collective Voice is a platform that helps connect influencers with brand partnerships that include link commissions and sponsored social media posts. Find Your Influence is another credible network that works with several brands, including Netflix, Mattel, Capital One, Walmart, and more.

8. Facebook Ads Specialist

With over 2.8 billion active users, Facebook’s advertising platform offers unparalleled reach. A Facebook Ads Specialist crafts compelling ad campaigns, tests their performance, and adjusts the ads to improve results. This role can be both challenging and creatively rewarding.

According to ZipRecruiter, Facebook Ad Specialists can earn around $30 to $34 per hour. You may need some marketing and advertising experience to get started but Meta offers certifications for Facebook marketing and Facebook ads. You can search for these social media jobs on different job board sites or offer these services as a freelancer.

Work From Home Social Media Jobs Wrapup

Work from home social media jobs present a multitude of opportunities for people seeking flexible hours and the comfort of remote work. All of the options mentioned above allow you to leverage social media to earn a living while leaving room for substantial professional growth. So, if you’re ready to step into the world of remote work or explore a flexible part-time opportunity, these social media jobs might just be your next career move.

Do you prefer to run your own social media business? Here are some tips for turning your love of social media into a successful online business.



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