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How to Make Money on Poshmark

Thanks to many resale apps like Poshmark, the world of reselling has spiked in popularity. It’s never been easier to sell clothing from your closet or resell clothing you find. Learning how to make money on Poshmark could be the start of your next side hustle, especially if you love clothes and shopping!

But you may be wondering, how does Poshmark work? The Poshmark app is one of the top apps sellers, and buyers use. When you list items correctly, take advantage of all the features, and resell popular items, you can make quite a profit.

With any resale platform, however, there is the chance that you could be taken advantage of. 

If you’re new to the reselling world or are considering switching reselling platforms, this covers everything you need to know about successfully selling on Poshmark.

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How to Make Money on Poshmark

Poshmark is a straightforward app to use. Here are all the steps you need to take to begin making money on Poshmark.

Sourcing Clothes

Before you begin selling on Poshmark, you’ll need to collect some inventory. Some sellers choose to niche down so their shops become recognizable for specific items, such as cool vintage finds or brand-new clothing. Others sell anything they think people will like.

Besides sorting through your closet for items, you can keep an eye out for things you think will sell well. The more experience you have, the easier it will be! Look through consignment shops, thrift stores, Facebook Marketplace, garage sales, estate sales, and even eBay or Amazon to find clothing.

When looking through clothes, look at labels for any trending or popular brands. Paying attention to trends will serve you greatly! If the price tag is already high, consider passing on it. The work of reselling may not be worth the effort.

Also, ensure the clothes are in good condition. Pay attention and look for stains, rips, holes, broken zippers, discoloration, and more.

Besides clothes, don’t forget to peruse the jewelry, shoes, bags, and accessories section. These items sell well on Poshmark and can be bundled together when potential buyers visit your shop.

Just a heads up! You can sell more than clothing and accessories on Poshmark. You can also sell items for the home (bedding, toys, decor, kitchen wares, party supplies, books, etc), electronics, pet products, and beauty and wellness items.

Taking Photos of Clothes

Once your inventory is ready (and washed), it’s time to take pictures of your merchandise. Having high-quality photos is the key to selling your items.

Your phone’s camera is all you need to take photos. Some people also download existing images from a brand’s website if they can find them.

You’re allowed to post multiple photos (up to 16 and 1 video), so use that to your advantage. Take pictures of the clothing from different angles, including the front, back, closeup, on the body/mannequin, and hung on a hanger. Also, include a picture of the labels for authenticity, size, care instructions, and made-with-materials.

Make your best picture the feature photo, as this will appear in searches and your closet’s listing.

List Items in Your Closet

After taking your photos, you can list items for sale in your Poshmark closet. Besides the pictures, there are many other fields you need to fill in when making your listing. While all of them aren’t required, the more information you put in, the better.

In the heading of your listing, include keywords that potential buyers might search for, such as “blue slip dress” or “J-Crew blouse.” Then, give a more detailed description, including the condition and sizing.

Also, fill in the category of clothing, size, brand, color, and style. If the item is new with tags, mark it as so. These are all things shoppers can filter through when looking for clothing, so you want to make sure your items are as discoverable as possible.

Finally, you get to set your price. Poshmark takes a flat rate commission of $2.95 for sales under $15. For items more than $15, they take a 20% commission.

Shipping Your Sales

Once you have a buyer, Poshmark will notify you that it’s time to ship an item. Luckily, it’s easy to ship items, and Poshmark makes it simple by providing you with a prepaid shipping label that you can print. Once printed, you can attach the label to any envelope, plastic mailer, or cardboard box with your item inside.

You can then drop off your package at any USPS office, postal box, or mailbox (if it fits), and the package will be sent via USPS Priority Mail. Mark the package as sent in the app to notify your buyer that their item is on the way.

The average shipping time is 1-3 days, so your buyer should get it soon. Once they do, they mark the item as received and are encouraged to rate you as a seller.

Getting Followers on Poshmark

Poshmark is unique in that it’s set up like a social media platform. You can follow other Poshmark users; the more followers you have, the more popular your closet is. It also means you will reach more people whenever you share an item from your closet.

Self-shares are when you share items from your closet with your followers. When you make a new listing, it will automatically share with your followers. But you can go back and reshare old listings so that they appear on the home page for other people once again.

Also, be sure to follow new users on Poshmark. Many people are likely to follow you back, and it’s a good way to get people to check out your profile and closet. Remember, think of Poshmark like you would other social media platforms!

Building a following is key when learning how to make money on Poshmark. 

How to Make Money on Poshmark: Getting Paid

After all that work, it’s time to get your earnings! When a buyer receives their purchase and marks it as sold in the app, the money is released to your Poshmark account within three days.

Poshmark makes it simple to receive money. You can withdraw it through the following methods:

  • PayPal – $0.35 fee
  • Venmo – $0.35 fee
  • Instant Transfer – Get in 30 minutes for a $2 fee
  • Direct deposit to your bank account – free
  • Check – free
  • Or use your money to purchase items off of Poshmark – fee

Extra Tips on How to Make Money on Poshmark: An Extra $1,000 Per Month!

Selling clothes on Poshmark can be an excellent side hustle for the right person. If you love clothes and shopping and know enough about what people like, you will love what you do.

These tips are specific for Poshmark to help you earn more than the average seller. You may even learn how to make Poshmark a full-time job!

Become a Posh Ambassador

Posh Ambassadors are special Poshmark sellers who are well-received and active in the Poshmark community. As an ambassador, they get extra benefits such as co-hosting Posh Parties, getting recommended on the Find People page, a special closet badge, and more exclusive offers.

To become a Posh Ambassador, you must meet specific qualifications. This includes having an excellent average ship time, having 50 available listings in your closet, making a minimum of 15 sales, sharing at least 5,000 items from other closets, and more.

You can learn more about how to become an ambassador in this Poshmark blog post.

Offer a Shipping Discount

People are so used to getting free shipping that they hesitate to pay the full $7.97 to have their item shipped. To help encourage your listings to sell, Poshmark sellers offer shipping discounts.

To set the discount, go in, edit your listing, and save the changes. You can also send a special offer to those who have liked your listing, where they get discounted shipping alongside a bonus discount on the listing itself.

Just note that any shipping discount offered will be deducted from your net earnings. But if it helps score a sale, it can be well worth it!

Implement Bundle Discounts

Bundle discounts are a way to encourage people to buy more than one thing from you. If you enable them, people can save on shipping fees by purchasing multiple items from your shop.

When making a listing, note in the description that you offer bundle discounts. Before they hit purchase, they will shop around to see if they like anything else.

Follow Poshmark’s instructions to set up a bundle discount for your Poshmark closet.

List Items that Poshers Want!

If you want your listings to shine, add high-quality, highly-coveted items to your closet. While some shoppers choose to browse for the sheer love of the hunt, others come to Poshmark with a mission. 

These are some listings that are guaranteed to get your profile some traction:

Popular Brands on Poshmark

Designer items are always popular on Poshmark, with top sellers including Kate Spade and Coach. Well-known luxury brands like Gucci, Tory Burch, and Louis Vuitton also sell BIG, especially their handbags. 

More niche designers are better sold on luxury re-sellers, as Poshmark is a platform for the “every woman,” not necessarily fashion mavens!

For footwear, top searches include Nike, Adidas, Steve Madden, and New Balance. 

Popular apparel ranges from upscale to affordable, with top brands including:

  • Free People
  • Anthropologie
  • Lululemon
  • Aritzia (various brands)
  • Levi’s
  • Northface
  • Urban Outfitters
  • American Eagle

Popular Aesthetics on Poshmark

One of the platform’s best features is that it has fashionable items for every style. With that said, certain items and aesthetics are wildly popular on the app! 

Try including these aesthetic names in your listings, drawing the immediate attention of trend-driven shoppers. 

Here are some of the most searched-for aesthetics, with curated clothing items to bring the looks to life:

  • Cottage-core: Romantic pieces inspired by nature. Key pieces include floor-length dresses, floral prints, blouses, and natural fibers like wool or cotton. Loved accessories include floral headbands, vintage footwear, aprons, and lace gloves. Color palettes are neutral with pastel accents. 
  • Dark academia: Influenced by Ivy League schools and New England weather, key pieces include Oxford shirts, pleated trousers, and tailored blazers in deep earth tones. Other popular items include wool coats, plaid skirts, turtlenecks, and argyle knitwear. Accessories like vintage watches, briefcases, and brooches complete the aesthetic. 
  • Clean girl: Neutral colors and clean lines rule this aesthetic, with athleisure brands like Alo, Lululemon, and TNA. Elevated basics are a staple, with well-fitting tees, high-quality denim, and fine-knit sweaters. Minimalist and effortlessly chic, this look combines the comfort of cozy sweatsuits with the glitz of layered jewelry and the athletic touch of New Balance sneakers. 
  • Y2K: Lovingly nicknamed McBling, Y2K has been on-trend for years now, with bold metallics and colors that make a big statement. Top items include low-rise jeans, mini-skirts, bucket hats, baby tees, and platform shoes. Other favorites of this era include butterfly decals, mini sunglasses, and mesh fabrics. 
  • Coquette: Dreamy and sweet, this aesthetic is ruled by lace, pastel colors, and bow details. Silk slip dresses, patterned tights, and fitted cardigans are classic additions. Other accessories include pearl jewelry, ballet flats, and corset tops. 

Go the Extra Mile

Just like retail shops, you need to have excellent customer service. Respond to any comments quickly and aim to provide timely service for your items. You can even personalize your packaging with a nice note or bonus items. This will lead to a great review, which, in turn, leads to more sales!

Also, make your profile as personable as possible. Introduce yourself and ensure people see you as more than just a seller but a human as well.

Make Money on Poshmark Wrapup

Poshmark is just one of many apps you can use to sell clothing and accessories. Depop is a platform that focuses on selling clothes with minor differences, such as direct messaging and selling rates.

Mercari is another online marketplace that focuses on reselling, but you can sell much more than the clothing on it. It’s more of a garage sale type site, and they only take a 10% commission.

For authentic vintage items, try selling your clothes on Etsy or at auction on eBay. Both reselling sites have cult followings for vintage clothing, and they’re good places to reach collectors willing to spend top-dollar. 

Be sure to check out the guide on how to make money selling clothing online for more tips and platforms to try out.

And for even more reselling, check out the post on the best buying and selling apps.

Originally published on March 12, 2023. Content updated March 2024.



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