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Fresh Thursday Work from Home Jobs

New Thursday Work from Home Job LeadsAre you ready to ditch the commute and embrace the freedom of working from the comfort of your own home?  Well, I’ve got some fantastic news for you!  Here are some brand-new work-from-home job leads that will tell you who’s hiring now, what your job duties will consist of, hours, pay, and any other details so you can apply online.  

If you’ve already applied to a company and are still waiting to hear back from them, please go over the checklist below to improve your chances of getting hired.

  • Have an up-to-date resume and tailor it for each job you apply to.  You can pick up a professional user-friendly resume to pass the bots here.
  • Apply to multiple job openings at a time.  Join our Group for 25+ more work from home job leads posted weekly.
  • Do freelance work/gigs to build up your skills and work history to land a more permanent higher-paying job.
  • Take an online course in typing, coding, digital marketing, tutoring, programming, or other areas you are interested in working in.
  • Network with remote-friendly companies on social media to uncover hidden job opportunities.
  • Last but not least…don’t give up and keep applying.

Customer Success Team Member

This post may contain affiliate links but I only recommend sites that I have personally researched, trust or use.

MityLife is now hiring individuals to respond to inquiries promptly, maintain the current customer database, create quotes, and complete invoices.  Requires excellent verbal and listening skills, and can multitask with excellent time management and problem-solving skills.  Pays $15 to $17 per hour with benefits.  Part-time.

Data Entry Lead

OneStream is hiring data entry keyers to oversee data quality across core systems as well as a wide variety of tasks and projects.  Requires a Bachelor’s degree, Salesforce experience, 3-5 years of experience with data management with excellent verbal skills.  Pays $50,000 to $65,000 a year with benefits.

Social Media Content Specialists

ICUC has openings for remote workers to review, monitor, moderate, and respond to comments posted on client’s social media channels.  You will also create content to encourage participation and increase engagement.  Requires professional moderating experience, exceptional written communication, an active Facebook account with reliable internet, and a laptop or PC.  Pays $15 per hour.  Full and part-time openings.

Partner Support

Peek is recruiting individuals to follow up on customer inquiries to solve issues quickly, completely, and correctly.  Requires 2 years of customer service or tech support experience, good communication can type 50 wpm, punctual, reliable with strong reasoning skills.  Full-time with benefits.

Service Ambassador

Activus Connect is accepting applications for people to respond to calls from customers with questions, assist with website or application-related issues, document interactions, and other duties.  Requires 1 year of call center experience, good attendance, and a high school diploma or equivalent.  Pays $15.25 per hour with benefits.  Full-time.

Customer Support

Beehiiv is recruiting candidates to be the main point of contact for customer escalations to understand their needs and provide solutions to their goals.  Requires 2 years experience in a similar role, excellent customer relationship skills can problem-solve with good listening and writing skills.  Competitive salary with perks, benefits, and stock options.

Data Labeler – Hiring anywhere in the US

Incode has openings for individuals to perform high-quality labeling for specific stakeholders, support product operations, and other duties.  Requires SQL knowledge or a willingness to learn, ability to understand complex labeling projects, attention to detail, and ability to multitask.  Benefits and perks provided.

Home Agents – No experience/nights/weekends required 

Mr. Appliance is now hiring reps to answer calls, respond to customer emails, schedule in-home service appointments, order and receive parts, and enter data into the software.  Requires good telephone ability with basic computer and data entry skills.  Pays $15 to $18 per hour with benefits.

Proofreader – Choose your own schedule

Focus Forward is now seeking candidates to proofread, edit, and quality-check Microsoft Word document transcripts for accuracy.  You will also provide notes for market research interviews, review applicant test submissions, and provide feedback via email to transcribers.  Requires advanced knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel, self-motivation, attention to detail, English proficiency, and a computer with high-speed internet access.  Pays $13 to start.

Service Rep

Cap-Tel is currently hiring reps to answer questions regarding their products and captioning services, provide technical assistance and troubleshooting, help with remote setup of equipment at home, conduct monthly follow-ups, etc.  Requires strong oral and written communication, troubleshooting ability, good typing skills, accuracy, attention to detail, and knowledge of different types of phone services.  Pays $19.50 per hour plus $1.50 additional for premium or evening hours worked.

Mystery Shoppers

Amusement Advantage is looking for people to visit various amusements in their area to evaluate the facility.  Pays per shop plus reimbursement.

Savvy Connect

Earn $15 a month to install this app on your phone, computer, and tablet.

5 Surveys

Complete 5 surveys and get paid $5.



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