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Hiring Data Contributors Pays $20 Per Hour

Hiring Data Contributors pays $20 per hourThere are a few companies now hiring Data Contributors to work from home.  These jobs are highly desired because you are specifically working with data in the form of text, words, images, videos, and other types of information.  This type of job does not require you to speak with others over the phone and many will allow you the flexibility you are looking for.  This allows you the option to decide when and for how long you want to work.

One employer is currently hiring Data Contributors to start working immediately from your home office with a starting pay of $20 per hour.  If you are interested, please apply as soon as you can.  Before you do, continue reading to find out all the job duties, requirements, hours, and other details of this and other work from home jobs involving data listed below.

This post may contain affiliate links but I only recommend sites that I have personally researched, trust or use.

I recommend the following people to apply for these jobs.

  • Stay-at-home moms/dads.
  • Students.
  • Retirees.
  • Those who work part-time.
  • Job seekers looking for entry-level work.
  • Anybody looking to work a freelance jobs.
  • People who like completing gigs.
  • Remote workers who live in our outside the US.

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Data Contributors/Annotators

RWS is now hiring remote workers to help train AI models by evaluating English audio/image/text samples.  Your job is to briefly describe the content and assign categories and captions or text.  You must be fluent in English, can meet deadlines, follow instructions, have a reliable computer with an internet connection, and be available to work 4 hours for 4-6 weeks.  Pays $20 per hour.  You will also have access to more opportunities.

AI Contributors

Welocaize is now hiring individuals to perform data annotation and data rating tasks to train and improve AI training models.  You will also ensure data accuracy and quality.  This job requires full English-level proficiency, is web-savvy with excellent online research skills, has a reliable computer, and can follow instructions.  Pays $16 per hour working up to 15 hours a week.  You can set your own schedule.  Weekly hours may vary based on project needs.

AI Data Trainer – Hiring worldwide

Invisible Technologies is recruiting candidates to train the AI to read, write, summarize knowledge, and interpret the meaning.  You will spend most of your time generating examples of ideal conversations acting and the user and the AI to discern the accuracy of facts the AI is outputting.  You must enjoy writing creatively, have a deep interest in linguistics, learn about language, and love to learn new things.  This job pays $15 to $20 per hour.  You must be able to work in the EST or PST time zones.

AI Data Editors – Open worldwide

Outlier AI has openings for remote agents to review the work of fellow human writers to ensure actuality, completeness, brevity, and grammatical correctness.  You will also craft original responses to prompts.  Qualified candidates must have a strong sense of writing style including excellent spelling and grammar, enrolled in or completed an Associate’s degree, and can explain the strengths and weaknesses of texts.  Pays $15 per hour plus referral rewards.  Weekly pay.

Quality Assurance

Remotasks is now seeking people to label data from customers including text, pictures, and videos, complete post-process audits, write error reports on data, and resolve low-quality content.  Requires good computer and advanced English skills, has 0.5 to 3 years of customer service or general work experience, attention to detail, and can multitask.  Pays $125 per week.

AI Tutor – Hiring worldwide

Labelbox is looking for contributors to evaluate AI-generated writing-based content to ensure accuracy and relevance.  You will also review the work of other human writers, and produce original top-tier content in response to prompts.  Requires professional writing experience, excellent spelling and grammar, an interest in AI, and enrolled in or completed an Associate’s degree in an accredited institution.  Hourly pay.

High-Value Reviewer – Flexible work hours

EXL is hiring someone to review and edit home appraisals.  You will also give constructive feedback to the inspector, administer appropriate grades, and properly send reports to clients.  Requires the ability to evaluate information in appraisals, advanced computer knowledge, and ability to manage multiple tasks with good communication.  Hourly pay with training and benefits.

Data Contributors – Open globally is always looking for internet-savvy individuals to work on AI projects by using your creative writing and language skills to train them.  You can work anytime you want.  You are required to be fluent in English and take a skills assessment test.  Free training is provided.  Select your own projects.  Pays $20 per hour and up depending on the project.

GEO Data Evaluator 

Telus International is looking for people to research and evaluate tasks involving data to determine the relevancy and accuracy of the information provided.  You will also collect and verify points of interest with accurate up-to-date insights to support local maps.  Requires English proficiency, a Gmail account, desktop/laptop, smartphone, good business etiquette, and can make mystery shopping calls.  You will work 10 to 30 hours a week.  The majority of tasks will be completed from 10 am to 6 pm.

Data Contributor – Work from your smartphone or computer

Clickworker is looking for people to work on a variety of AI data contributor tasks that may include but not limited to voice recordings, web search evaluation, text creation, research, and more.  A test assessment and English fluency s required.  Choose which projects you want to work on.  Weekly secure payments via PayPal or Payoneer.



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